Palms Image Windsong  

Windsong has had three owners to date and three different names.  Launched in 1986 the last owners named her ‘Harvey M’ after his father, and sailed her for 12 years and in 93’ starting from California, took her on an Atlantic crossing before finally ending up in Figures, Spain from where we bought her in 2004. 
We were looking for a long-distance ocean going yacht as we had the intention of sailing off for some years, and she more that met our criteria of a “go anywhere” vessel when we first saw her; exactly what we were looking for.  We of course followed the tradition and renamed her again to “Windsong”, if you listen to the wind in the mast you will understand why.
She is an extremely strong and stable yacht with a roomy, (especially in regards to headroom) interior.  She gives a comfortable sail, and although she takes a bit to get going because of her weight, once she’s there, will happily take anything that gets thrown at her.

Windsong Sailing